As you can see, even with a $200,000 list price, we are Saving you more than we are charging in commissions! And the savings only increase with higher priced properties. So, get in the green!!! The red zone just means you are giving away your hard-earned equity to someone else.

Our initial $500 fee affords our clients a complete full-service turnkey listing package that includes market analysis/pricing, all documentation and disclosures, signage, supra-lockbox, MLS input, pictures and descriptions, distribution through LISTHUB (which populates to sites all over the world) and automated scheduling through Showingtime.

We are available at all times to answer any questions and assist you in the selling process.  We work on promoting and selling your property through inquiries from other agents and cold calls made from our signage and MLS listing. 

What we don’t charge you for or spend your money on are flyers, brochures, advertising in magazines, open houses, agent luncheons, balloons, direction signs, wine and cheese events or any of the other things that have very little impact on selling your home.  Our past experience reflects that if a Buyer/Agent is interested in your home they will definitely schedule an appointment for a showing. Also, they know you are represented by a professional and that our phones will be answered. We make it easy for them to make an offer.

Also, we will not ask you to drop the price of your property. Should you have an immediate necessity for a hasty sale - by all means - let us know and we will work together on making an adjustment in the MLS and notifying all interested parties of the price change.

So... you have a property you would like to sell? Stated differently:  You want somebody to bring you a buyer!

This is where LKNX28 stands out from our competition. We take the stress and MONEY out of the “traditional listing” process.

Let us explain this process. We charge $500 as an upfront and earned fee. Once the property sells/closes we earn a four percent (4%) listing commission of the sales price. We keep one percent (1%) of the selling price which is for our management of the entire process and pay three percent (3%) to the agent/agency that has brought the buyer to the table. If LKNX28 happens to bring in the buyer then we will waive our one percent (1%) management fee and will be paid three percent (3%) of the sales price.  See below chart for a breakdown and examples of our unique pricing and savings that we pass along to our customers.

*Veteran Owned/Veteran Operated.  If you want to see recent properties & projects, check out our Listings & Videos.


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